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Galiwinku, Milingimbi, and Ramingining

NT Sports and Playground Surfacing were successfully contracted to design and construct four new playgrounds for East Arnhem Regional Council at Galiwinku (Elcho Island), Milingimbi, and Ramingining. Paying close attention to the scope of the works and understanding what the council were seeking for play value, engagement and development of the children as well as enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the proposed area, NT Sports and Playground designed a play space for each community and location which met the criteria.

Due to the remote location of each community, logistics was a big factor in the organisation and execution of the project. Working closely with EARC and the barge company, we co-ordinated the logistical movements of employees, materials, machinery and vehicles precisely to alleviate the possibility of ‘down time’ or the contract not being fulfilled within the specified timeframe.

 Temporary fencing was erected for the duration of each project and site preparation was underway. Each site was prepped and levelled for the installation of Proludic play equipment, Rosehill TPV® rubber and kerbing.

 All certifications, warranties and maintenance guides were issued upon completion of the project.